Absolute Backpackers Accommodations

Set on an acre of lush, tropical gardens offering a clean, safe, and friendly environment.

With completely renovated dorm and twin rooms, sparkling bathrooms, air-conditioning, and a fully equipped 24 hour kitchen.

Chill out by the pool, or soak up the friendly atmosphere while having a few drinks on the lawn; It’s your call.

We’ve even created chill-out zones throughout the hostel, each with their own music and vibe, so no matter what your mood is, there’s always somewhere that’s right for you.

Just a few minutes walk from Queensland’s best beach, shops and pub.

Enjoy free weekly BBQs, pool/spa, movie and games nights, beach football matches and many more fun activities.

Our friendly staff know the local area and can’t wait to let you in on its many secrets.

Check-In: 2:00 pm

Check-Out: 10:00 am

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Absolute Backpackers Accommodations


1 Review for “Absolute Backpackers”

  1. Trevis Fischer

    Stayed here for 1 night travelling down from cairns to Brisbane, it was easily the quietest most chilled out hostel we stayed at as a group for a long time. we managed to be there in time for the quiz which we WON (a bottle of wine)! and was so much more chilled out and not loud compared to other hostel events, met a lovely Liverpudlian girl who me and my friend sat with most of the night drinking with talking about where we were going to go next. In the morning. We were offered by some of the people we met the night before to come to the beach for a day of swimming and BBQ but we had to get going. Mission beach is a must stay spot as the beach itself (which i only saw for a few hours) was easily one of my favourite in all of Australia


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