Haggerstone Island Australia Kwilla Hut

Picture yourself, cocktail in hand on a beautiful tropical beach. Not just any beach, this one is on a secluded island on the Great Barrier Reef. Gaze out to the ocean and watch the fish and turtles swimming lazily by. You will never want to leave Haggerstone Island Australia.

The Kwilla Hut on Haggerstone Island Australia is where the ocean meets the forest. Situated under the forest canopy. This round hut offers a large deck. Comfortably sleeps two adults or a family of four.

This open-plan villa embodies Papua New Guinea and African design. Everywhere you look, you’ll find interesting artefacts. Relax on the deck and admire the stunning tropical gardens below.

Where it all Began

Roy and Anna Turner arrived on Haggerstone Island Australia in 1985. A large barge carried timber, fruit trees and chickens. They had all the necessities to create their little slice of paradise.

The Main House was the first building constructed. It’s a charming large pole home with a thatched roof. Every corner contains trinkets and treasures collected from around the island.

Breakfast and dinner are served here, with lunch usually out on the boat. Also, while we prepare dinner, sit by the fire pit and enjoy a glass of wine.

Haggerstone Island Experiences

Included in the accommodation costs are all water adventures. Along with equipment and Jetski use.

Float over entirely untouched coral gardens while Snorkelling and Spearfishing on Haggerstone Island Australia. The perfect example of how the reef was before human interference. Expect to see incredible wildlife. For instance, Sea Turtles, Manta Rays and thousands of vibrant tropical fish.

You’ll have access to all the Watersports equipment. For example, you can enjoy jet skiing, wakeboarding and waterskiing. In addition to kayaking, canoeing and beach fishing.

The Deep Sea and Estuary Fishing on Haggerstone Island Australia are undoubtedly world-class. You will benefit from 30 years worth of local knowledge of the area. Furthermore, you will be eating a lot of the days catch in your meals. However, we maintain a high catch and release quota.

For the ultimate island experience, why not use our Chartered Helicopter Service. Explore private waterfalls and sand-cays. As well as untouched rivers and enjoy a sunset with champagne in hand atop magnificent dunes. Helicopter charters will be an additional cost.

Indulge in World-Class Cuisine

The meals on Haggerstone Island Australia are an experience all of their own. You will only ever keep as much as you need to eat. Meanwhile, the majority of our daily catch is released. This also preserves our fishing and spearfishing locations. So, this ensures every guest has a phenomenal experience.

You can book the entire Haggerstone Island Resort. Perfect for weddings, boys fishing trips or even intimate family getaways. So click HERE for more information.

Check-In: 2:00 pm

Check-Out: 10:00 am

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Haggerstone Island Kwilla Hut Accommodations

Kwilla Hut (2-4 Guests)

Queen bed, single beds, ensuite, private balcony, oceanview

Kwilla Hut (5-6 Guests)

Queen bed, single beds, ensuite, private balcony, oceanview

Kwilla Hut (7-8 Guests)

Queen bed, single beds, ensuite, private balcony, oceanview


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