Green Island Half Day tour

Create fabulous memories on beautiful Green Island with this Green Island Half Day Tour.

Surrounded by white sandy beaches, lush tropical rainforest and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.  There is no better way to get there and experience this than with the Green Island Half Day Tour.

Choose to not only snorkel or dive but stay dry and see the spectacular reefs on a glass-bottom boat tour.  Alternatively, laze on the white sandy beach.

Green Island offers an array of activities to suit all abilities and is subsequently ideal for non-swimmers

About Green Island 

Green Island is a coral cay that was formed over thousands of years by the build-up of sand and coral rubble. The island is a unique rainforest environment covered in tropical forest and as a result, supports an array of birds and insects.

The surrounding coral reef is home to many kinds of corals, clams, fish and stingrays, to name a few.  Consequently, it is a popular area for Green Sea Turtles and also the Hawksbill turtle so you may be lucky enough to see one while snorkeling.

Guru-Gula Gungandji is the indigenous people of this island and surrounding reefs.  To them, Green Island is actually known as Wunyami.

Where is Green Island?

Green Island is only 27km north-east from Cairns and approximately 45 minutes by boat.  It is a National Park and home to over 120 native plant species and birdlife.  Coral Gardens and marine life are abundant and waiting for you to explore.

Plan your day to Green Island

Stroll through tropical rainforest, laze on white sandy beaches, swim, dive or snorkel. There is a wide range of optional activities to experience on Green Island. Scuba dive, join a snorkel excursion, not to mention walk on the ocean floor with Seawalker helmet diving.

We recommend you take part in the Self Guided Eco Island Walk so you can gain some insight into the flora and their Indigenous uses.

Green Island Half-Day Tour departs from Cairns Reef Fleet Terminal.   Choose from several departure times on offer.

If an Island Cruise is not what you are looking for try our Outer Great Barrier Reef tour with Reef Experience.




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