Rainforestation Kuranda is an award-winning nature park located in Kuranda, ‘the village in the rainforest’.

Set on 100 acres amid World Heritage rainforest.  The park opened in 1976 and is consequently now operated by the second generation of the Woodward family.

This all-weather attraction is home to the renowned Pamagirri Aboriginal Experience, the Koala & Wildlife Park and famous amphibious WWII Army Duck rainforest tours!


Explore the beautiful rainforest of Kuranda on an authentic World War II Army Duck!  These six-wheel-drive trucks were used extensively by the military throughout World War 2.   Their primary use was for transporting goods and troops.  So as amphibious vehicles, they were able to transport between ships and beaches.

You will learn about the local flora and fauna of the rainforest with one of the experienced guides.  You will splash into the lake and experience this amphibious vehicle as it becomes a boat!

After that, you can visit the tropical fruit orchard, which features over 60 different species of tropical and exotic fruits.


The Pamagirri Aboriginal Experience offers an authentic insight into the world’s oldest surviving culture. Therefore, Rainforestation Kuranda ensures the preserving and sharing of this unique culture.  For instance, you will learn things in the local Djabugay culture; for example, Pamagirri means ‘silent snake’. 

First, see the traditional dance performance in the rainforest amphitheatre. After that, the spear-throwing presentation. Then be mesmerised by the sound of the didgeridoo.  You can also test your boomerang throwing skills!


Meet the animals!  Walk along elevated boardwalks to view some of the iconic Australian animals for example Koalas, Dingoes, Tasmanian Devils as well as estuarine Crocodile!

Additionally, you can see the Cassowary and Tree Kangaroo that are both endangered and endemic to Tropical North Queensland.

After that, you can even get up close and personal and hand-feed the wallabies and kangaroos.

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