Giant Jungle Swing

Compared to the days of being young, wild and free, do you miss that feeling of being able to fly on the backyard swing set? It doesn’t have to be a fleeting memory when you can strap in and fly on the Giant Jungle Swing!

Unlike others, AJ Hackett has always been the one to challenge gravity. Following on from the world-famous Bungy Jumping, AJ Hackett launched the Giant Jungle Swing in 2000. With room for up to 3 guests to experience extreme speed, acceleration and an adrenaline rush together! Once you reach the top, you will experience an almighty drop from 45 metres down to 1 metre in 3.5 seconds and reaching speeds up to 120km/h! You will certainly feel like you can fly!

Usually, you would have to wait for the annual fair to join a thrill-seeking ride. You no longer have to wait because you can swing any day of the week! And unlike the Showground Rides, you have complete control, with one of you being the Swing Master who pulls the release cord!

Get high in the Cairns Rainforest!

Once you are strapped in and comfortable, you are pulled up to 45 metres high until before you know it, you’re lying horizontally above the rainforest. then it’s all in your hands – all you have to do is pull the self-release…

After your Swing, relax in the rainforest and unwind with a cold beverage on the deck overlooking the pond. Sit back and watch the Bungy jumpers take their plunge or the Swingers zooming past! Or simply catch your breath before you go again!

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  • Established: August 2000
  • Height: 45 metres/ 148 feet
  • Best known for: Scaring people stupid!!   First Jungle Swing of its kind allowing 1, 2 or 3 people to ride together!
  • ONE & ONLY AJ Hackett Giant Jungle Swing
  • No age limit applies



Open every day from 10 am. Opening hours are subject to change depending on volume. Check your travel voucher for pickup details.


  • 1x AJ Hackett Giant Jungle Swing
  • Free transfers are available from Cairns City from 9.30 am, subject to availability; please call ahead to confirm. 1 x spectator per jumper.


Optional Extras

  • Photo and video packages
  • Drinks, snacks and merchandise are available at the Gravity Bar

How to get there

  • Free transfers are available from Cairns City accommodations from 9.30 am
  • You can self-drive – there is lots of parking, and you will find us at the end of McGregor Road, Smithfield just past the James Cook University Campus

Important Information

  • Minimum solo weight 55 kg
  • Maximum combined weight 240 kg (2 or 3 persons)
  • No set age limits apply; however, the child MUST fit safely into the harness and be over 25 kg. If in doubt, please call ahead to avoid disappointment.
  • MEDICAL CONDITIONS APPLY.  You need to inform us of the following BUT please note this is NOT an exhaustive list:
    High Blood Pressure, Heart Conditions, Diabetes, Pregnancy, Epilepsy, Dislocations, Neurological Disorders, Vertigo…

Tour Features

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Giant Jungle Swing at Skypark Cairns Tours

AJ Hackett Giant Jungle SwingNorth Queensland Australia

Giant Jungle Swing

Hurtle through the Rainforest on the Giant Jungle Swing


Father and Son AJ Hackett Giant Jungle Swing

Family Jungle Swing

Maximum 3 people, must include minimum 1 child under 14 years old.