Horse Riding Cairns

A safe, relaxing way to meander through the rainforest. You will visit mangrove wetlands, sugarcane fields, and native bush! With a stable of horses to suit all ages and levels, this is a perfect family adventure. Our horses have a friendly, mature nature and will be matched to each rider’s experience and ability. Horse Riding Cairns is a great way to see our beautiful region. Draw upon horse-back alongside our 18-acre billabong for a look at some spectacular native birdlife and the chance to see a croc in the wild!


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  • 845   Pickup at Your Accommodation
  • 915   Arrive at Blazing Saddles and be greeted with Morning Tea
  • 945   Helmets fitted and horses assigned, safety lessons, Tour Commences
  • 1115  Return to the base with Refreshments and hot snacks
  • 1200  Return to your Accommodation

Horse Riding #2

  • 1045  Pickup at Your Accommodation
  • 1115  Arrive at Blazing Saddles and be greeted with Morning Tea
  • 1145  Helmets fitted and horses assigned, safety lessons, Tour Commences
  • 1315  Return to the base with Refreshments and hot snacks
  • 1400  Return to Accommodation

Horse Riding #3

  • 1245  Pickup at Your Accommodation
  • 1315  Arrive at Blazing Saddles and be greeted with Morning Tea
  • 1345  Helmets fitted and horses assigned, safety lessons, Tour Commences
  • 1515  Return to the base with Refreshments and hot snacks
  • 1600 Return to Accommodation


  • Return City Transfers to and from your accommodation
  • All Safety Equipment
  • Morning or Afternoon Tea
  • Horseriding Guide

What to bring

  • Long pants
  • Covered shoes (no thongs or trail sandals, runners are OK),
  • At least a T-Shirt (no Singlets or sleeveless shirts)
  • Optional items that may be helpful
  • Sunscreen
  • Bush hat or truckers hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Socks

Important Information

Tour Safety Standards and Protocols

Safety Comes first!

  • MINIMUM AGE: 4 years – No experience is necessary and we have a range of horses suitable for all levels of experience.
  • We have a short training and familiarisation course that everyone must complete before beginning the trail ride.
  • At Blazing Saddles we only use the highest standard of equipment and we recently invested in the best stirrup in existence to reduce the risk of getting caught in the stirrup iron, that is the ‘Saferider’ safety stirrup which has a highly engineered quick release mechanism used by professionals and recreational riders alike.
  • We believe the soundest method to reduce the risk of an accident is to employ suitably experienced staff and to train them to our own high standards of safety.
  • We know each of our horses well and being able to match horse and rider is part of our “workplace horse and safety program”.
  • In our time of running tourist trail adventures, Blazing Saddles has maintained an excellent safety record and enough experience to realize that the best way to avoid accidents is preparation and training.
  • “The horses are in excellent condition, as good as any individually owned and cared for horse.” Veterinary Surgeon – Marlin Coast Veterinary Clinic Blazing Saddles has received certificates in the highest safety standards set for the industry to date in Australia.
  • These 2 certificates are extremely difficult to achieve and require the highest standards in safety and training for horse-riding operators.
  • Some of the main points operators are required to have for these new certificates include Safety Clogs –
  • These new safety ‘shoes’ attach to the stirrup and prevent any rider from having their foot caught in the stirrup in case of a fall. Walking Guide -One guide must be walking with the riders to assist at any stage of the ride.
  • Public-Access Roads – At no stage must a horse riding trail cross a road used by cars.
  • This prevents the horse from panicking and becoming unpredictable.
  • Horse Selection – Horses must be chosen for beginner rides with a suitable temperament.
  • Ex-racehorses must never be used for tourist trail rides. Staff Training
  • All Lead guides should be First Aid certified and highly experienced horse riders.
  • Japanese (or other international) staff should be also trained to a high level in their own language to ensure they are confident and capable around the guests and horses.
  • Group Size – One group of horse riders should be no larger than 12 people per riding guide plus one walking guide.
  • Blazing Saddles uses a ratio of one guide to every 4 customers, including the walking guide.
  • 2-Point contact on Saddles – All saddles should have at least one main girth (underbelly) strap and one back-up safety attachment.
  • Lesson and Ability of Riders – All customers should have a comprehensive safety lesson and be questioned about their ability and how much prior experience they have had.
  • This should be recorded in writing and forms part of the AHIC Waiver form.
  • Emergency Procedures – Emergency procedures should be clearly displayed on the property and regular practices held. In addition, suitable facilities should be located nearby, e.g ambulance station.
  • All horse riding operators should maintain both Public Liability and Personal Accident Cover to Australian Government standards. This certificate should be regularly checked by agents.


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