Offering the best holiday destinations like no other place on earth.

Wit a magnificent coastline stretching almost 7,000km and world’s largest coral reef system ” The Great Barrier Reef“,
there is plenty to explore in Queensland.

Weather you are looking for a romantic Getaway or for a holiday filled with adventure.

With all that it has to offer there is always something that fulfills your needs.


A destination that you will love to discover and where you can truly feel one with nature…


Interesting Facts about Queensland

  • It has five of Australia’s eleven World Natural Heritage areas and one of the Wonders of the World—the Great Barrier Reef.
  • The vast majority receives an average of between eight and nine hours of sunshine every day.
  • There are over 200 national parks in Queensland which is covering 6.5 million hectares.
  • Queensland is BIG, it’s the second largest state in Australia. It is almost five times the size of Japan, seven times the size of Great Britain, and two and a half times the size of Texas.
  • Queensland’s tip is the northernmost point of Australia, the Cape York Peninsula, which is the largest unspoiled wilderness in northern Australia.
  • There are over 100 islands off the Queensland coast including Stradbroke, Whitsundays and Magnetic Islands
  • The multi-award winning Tjapukai Dance Theatre in Kuranda, North Queensland, featured in the 1997 Guinness Book of Records as the entry for the longest running show in Australia. The show ran from May 1987 to July 1996, with more than 7000 performances and 1.2 million visitors.
  • Queenslanders love their Rugby League. Knowing about the almighty ‘Maroons’ (Cane Toads) and their many victories over NSW (Cockroaches) will stand you in good stead with any true local.
  • Queensland is home to the world largest sand island. The World Heritage listed Fraser Island.