Quicksilver Port Douglas Great Barrier Reef Cruise

Quicksilver Port Douglas cruise to the very outer edge of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.  This is a multi-award-winning tour and offers a fantastic experience for everyone.

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is a  World Heritage Marine Park. This is the largest living thing on the planet and is home to fifteen hundred species of fish, 400 different types of coral and six of the Worlds seven marine turtles.

Sometimes guests see humpback whales during June and September on their regular migration to have their young.

First, we board at 9:15 am at The Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina.

Second, we will board Quicksilver’s wavepiecer for a luxury, comfortable cruise to Quicksilver’s marine platform on Agincourt Reef.

Along the way, you will receive friendly expert advice from the Quicksilver team.

Once you are on board,  complimentary morning tea will be served.

Thirdly at 10:30 am, a marine biologist presentation, followed by a snorkelling and scuba diving briefing.

This tour is an excellent option for everyone, including families and non-swimmers.  A range of activities is available for all levels of ability. With so much to do, the Quicksilver Port Douglas Great Barrier Reef tour has something for everyone.


Ultimate Comfort On The Reef

Quicksilver pontoon is comfortable and provides easy access to the water. It is just like a floating island on the Coral Sea.  It is a spacious, all-weather modern dual level platform.  There are fantastic facilities for reef viewing and relaxation for you to explore.

Also, the covered areas provide shelter from the elements.   While you are on the reef, you do not need to get your feet wet with the underwater observatory and submarine tours.


A delicious tropical lunch is served Between 12 and 1:30 pm, including fresh prawns, pasta, meats, salads and fruit.

During your Great Barrier Reef day tour, there are awesome activities


Snorkelling is an activity included in your Quicksilver Great Barrier Reef day tour.  If you need assistance, the friendly staff will be able to give you great snorkelling tips.

Marine Biologist Snorkeling Tour

Starting with a marine biologist snorkelling tour.  This is an awesome way to learn about the Great Barrier Reef.    Next, the marine biologist will also explain the parts of the coral reef and the marine life that lives on the reef.


While you are at the pontoon, try the Oceanwalker, Helmet diving for a fun and unique way to breathe underwater.  To try the Oceanwalker, you need to be at least 12 years old.

Introductory Scuba Diving

In addition to your day, why not try introductory diving. Scuba diving lets you come face to face with stunning marine life and coral.

Before scuba diving, you will receive a scuba diving briefing of what you can expect.

Certified scuba diving

During the day, certified divers can enjoy up to two forty minutes scuba dives. A professional dive instructor guides these dives to enhance your experience.

Helicopter Tours

Next, experience a 10-minute scenic helicopter flight and see the reef from a new perspective.

Finally, Quicksilver Port Douglas is family-friendly and also disability-friendly.

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