Silversconic Port Douglas to the Agincourt Ribbon Reefs

Silversconic Port Douglas is the perfect choice for both scuba divers and snorkelers!  Departing from Port Douglas daily.  Starting with boarding at the Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina.  Next visit 3 outer Agincourt Ribbon Reef sites.  Prices start for adults $255 and children $181 for snorkelling visit our site for more information.

This fantastic Great Barrier Reef tour visits 3 spectacular reef locations.

Experience Australia’s Great Barrier Reef on this Silversconic Port Douglas Dive and Snorkel Day.

Reef Locations

Get set for a day full of exploring outstanding Great Barrier Reef locations.

Silversconic has 29 exclusive reef locations at the Agincourt Reef.   Agincourt Reefs run parallel to the Continental Shelf, these Ribbon Reefs offer outstanding visibility.

These stunning reef locations feature stunning coral gardens with plate corals, branching staghorn coral and also large boulder coral.

Brightly coloured reef fish including parrotfish, butterflyfish and also the popular clownfish live on the reefs.

Divers will also see Queensland Grouper, Coral Trout as well as reef sharks.


There are different options available.  Great for snorkellers, introductory divers and certified divers.

Scuba diving

Certified divers can experience up 3 dives on this tour. At the same time, Introductory dives have the choice of up two dives.


Snorkellers can experience unlimited snorkelling while they are at the reef with Silversconic Port Douglas.

Jump into the Crystal clear water of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

Travelling to the very outer edge of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

With the best possible visibility fantastic coral and an abundance of marine life at the Ribbon Reefs that run along the Continental Shelf

Onboard Silvesconic Port Douglas

Spending 5 hours, visiting three spectacular outer barrier reef locations on our Silversconic Port Douglas tour. Snorkel straight off the back of the boat and into a natural wonderland.

Large submerged platforms make entering the waters a breeze. There are also large spacious deck areas for relaxing. As well as fresh water showers and change rooms.

After the water activities are completed, enjoy a refreshing drink from our licensed bar and relax while cruising back to Port Douglas.  Furthermore, the Silversconic vessel is fitted with a unique ride control for a smoother journey.




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